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Equity and Inclusion Cabinet

We're advancing racial justice and social, economic, and health equity in the City of Boston.

The mission of the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet is to ensure that each citizen has fair access to City resources and opportunities. We achieve this by embedding equity and inclusion into our current city practices. We build our collective capacity on issues of racial and social justice. We also design programs that empower constituents to thrive. 

Our Cabinet’s focus areas include: 

  1. Improving outcomes for communities of color, particularly immigrants, women, Black men, and the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Increasing access to our citizens who are disabled and/or speak languages other than English.
  3. Eliminating barriers to fair housing and human rights.
  • 1 City Hall Square
    Room 806
    Boston, MA 02201
  • icon-time
    Office hours
    Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

City of Boston Equity Statement

The City of Boston acknowledges the root causes of the present and historical inequalities that persist in our society. We believe that we can build a city for everyone where identity does not determine life outcomes, but rather makes us a more empowered collective. We define equity as the proactive process of providing  historically excluded communities the resources they need to live and thrive in Boston. Inclusion requires creating and maintaining structures that allow all people to be valued. Doing this work effectively means transforming City practices, eliminating systemic barriers to access, and empowering constituents to thrive.

Health Equity Now Plan

The Health Equity Now (HEN) Plan presents the Health
Inequities Task Force’s vision for health and economic
equity. It is a purpose-driven plan to address racism as a public health crisis.

Health Equity Now Plan
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