Our department directs all municipal, state, and federal elections within Boston. As part of our work, we also register voters, conduct an annual census, and educate the public on voting.

Upcoming Elections
  • Special State Primary: May 2, 2023, Voter Registration Deadline: April 22, 2023
  • Special State Election: May 30, 2023, Voter Registration Deadline: May 20, 2023

SPecial Elections Calendar 

  • Preliminary Municipal Election: September 12, 2023, Voter Registration Deadline: September 2, 2023
  • Municipal Election: November 7, 2023, Voter Registration Deadline: October 28, 2023

Municipal Election Calendar 

Annual Resident Listing Form

We maintain the integrity of our voting records by conducting an annual census in Boston. The information also provides the basis for the jury list given to the state courts each year. You can fill out the census online:



    Guide to voting in Boston

    Get information on your voting location, election results, and more. 

    Voting in Boston

    Election forms


    You can access the following forms on the State's website

    • Massachusetts Mail-In Registration Form
    • ‌Massachusetts Mail-In Registration Form (Spanish)
    • National Voter Registration Form
    • National Voter Registration Form (Spanish)

    Voter Registration Forms 

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