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Global Technology Outage
City of Boston services may be impacted by a global technology service outage. We encourage residents to call ahead before attempting to access services at municipal buildings. We will provide additional updates as they become available.
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Licensed wireless providers in Boston

Find out who installs antennas for wireless services on public streets.

Telecommunication companies maintain antennas across the City. Some of them are installed on City property, such as streetlights, utility poles, traffic lights, and more. These antennas are known as "small cells." They improve cell phone and data service in Boston.


City of Boston providers

We created a map of City of Boston wireless providers and where their approved antennas are located in the City.

View the providers map

The City has six providers that manage more than 300 Small Cell sites:

Safety Information

Wireless antennas are closely regulated by the FCC. Small cell antennas transmit very low levels of radio waves compared to traditional cell antennas.

The safety of radio waves has been extensively studied. Government agencies and groups that set standards constantly review this research. The radiated emission levels meet current accepted health and safety guidelines.

FCC safety information safety info

Approved streetlight designs

Streetlight designs

This page doesn't yet have a complete list of all approved streetlight designs. We'll continue to update the page with approved designs as we get them.

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