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South End Landmark District Commission

The South End Landmark District Commission will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, December 5, at 5:30 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting or calling 1-929-436-2866 US and entering meeting id # 963 0169 8398. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics



    Applicant: Ryan Pan

    Proposed Work: Remove and replace roof deck (#VIO.24.0808).


    APP # 24.0358 SE                                            577 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE      

    Continued from 11/7/2023 SELDC Public Hearing

    Applicant: Luis Santana

    Proposed Work: Install new front garden rail.

    APP # 24.0274 SE                                                    86 WALTHAM STREET      

    Applicant: Leonard Cervone

    Proposed Work: Replace five, non-original windows at the mansard level. 


    Applicant: Robert Mickle

    Proposed Work: Replace existing non-historic wrought iron railings, repaint stairs, curb, exterior entry paneling, and garden level window lintel.

    APP # 24.0457 SE                                                332 SHAWMUT AVENUE     

    Applicant: Guy Grassi

    Proposed Work: Install taller garden level windows than previously approved to match adjacent building at #330 and #334; Lower plant bed at front yard further than previously approved.

    APP # 24.0454 SE                                                 12 GREENWICH PARK      

    Applicant: John Rolander

    Proposed Work: Install two new well-windows at the basement level including excavating a 3’x5’ area in the front garden.

    APP # 24.0350 SE                                    40 RUTLAND SQUARE    Withdrawn by applicant

    Applicant: Taylor Ferguson

    Proposed Work: Remove existing roof deck and rebuild in new footprint.


    APP # 24.0413 SE                                          7 EAST SPRINGFIELD STREET      

    Applicant: Patrick Murphy

    Proposed Work: Install a new roof deck.


    APP # 24.0469 SE 60 CLARENDON STREET: Repoint in-kind, refinish lintel, sills, and main door surround in-kind and paint to match existing. Replace rotted wood at window trim and gutter in-kind.

    APP # 24.0422 SE 481 COLUMBUS AVENUE: Emergency repair due to leaks: paint window trim in kind; window trim paint and repair/replace copper gutters.

    APP # 24.0442 SE 505 COLUMBUS AVENUE: Emergency repair due to leaks: at shelf below the mansard roof remove existing EPDM roofing and replace in kind with new membrane. Repair any minor deficiencies/leaks to gutter in kind. Tying into the bottom of the slate mansard above.

    APP # 24.0420 SE 483 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE: Replace 2 rear dormer roof, replace copper gutter in-kind. Replace rear roof with new synthetic shingles, repair/replace cornice details in-kind with wood.

    APP # 24.0366 SE 524 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE: Replace 2 non-original two-over-two wood curved sash windows at garden level with new two-over-two wood curved sash windows.

    APP # 24.0471 SE 24 MONTGOMERY STREET: Emergency repair due to leaks: repoint building in kind; repair window moulding in kind and repaint trim in kind.

    APP # 24.0448 SE 10 MILFORD STREET: Emergency repair due to leaks at roof, existing roof deck to remain. 

    APP # 24.0406 SE 36 MILFORD STREET: Repair and repoint existing brick masonry facades as required; repair existing cornice and masonry detail work as required; repair and restore existing window sills and headers as required; repair as needed and paint decorative garden rail and stoop handrails; repair and restore existing stoop as required; replace under-stoop door with new wood door; install new decorative sconce at under-stoop door; replace existing non-historic windows on front elevation with 2-over-2 wood windows, paint black; construct new roof deck with black metal rail. 

    APP # 24.0451 SE 463 SHAWMUT AVENUE: Replace 8 non-original windows with new two-over-two aluminum clad windows. 

    APP # 24.0436 SE 41-43 WEST NEWTON STREET: Emergency repair due to leaks: Remove rubber pavers, replace roof membrane, reinstall rubber pavers; at the rear second floor roof decks repair roof edge metal and membrane flashing in kind; at the front elevation remove and replace roof dormer clapboards in kind, install new flashing. Existing wood roof deck to remain. 

    APP # 24.0473 SE 116 WEST NEWTON STREET: Replace 2 non-original two-over-two wood/vinyl windows with new wood two-over-two windows.

    APP # 24.0412 SE 171 WEST NEWTON STREET: Repair window lintel in kind and spot repointing at second window. 

    APP # 24.0463 SE 28 WORCESTER SQUARE: Replace two, one-over-one, non-original, aluminum garden level windows with two-over-two aluminum windows.

  4. RATIFICATION OF 9/18/2023 & 11/7/2023 MEETING MINUTES
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