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Global Technology Outage
City of Boston services may be impacted by a global technology service outage. We encourage residents to call ahead before attempting to access services at municipal buildings. We will provide additional updates as they become available.

Fire Prevention

To protect the public from fire hazards, we inspect properties and issue relevant permits, licenses, and certificates. We also educate the public on fire safety and prevention.

As a division under the Boston Fire Department, we issue permits, licenses, registrations, and certificates. We also handle inspection requests. This includes smoke and carbon monoxide detector compliance for the sale or transfer of residential property, environmental property searches, and obtaining fire reports.

Learn more about how our division helps the City of Boston.

Take Advantage OF our online portal

The online option saves you time — instead of visiting us at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, you can apply online and even print out your permit when it has been approved by us.

You can apply for some of our permits online, and the list will continue to grow over time.

* * As of June 27, 2024 all fees on Temporary Permits must be paid prior to being sent out for approval. * * 

Go to our online portal


Reports and Freedom of Information Act Requests

To request Fire Reports call or email us:


For Freedom of Information Act requests, visit the Public Records page.

Public Records 


Item Location
Abandon Underground Storage Tank Special Hazards
Alternation of Fuel Oil Burning Special Hazards
Annual Permit  Special Occupancy
Asbestos Removal  Construction
Bag Smoke Detector Construction
Blasting Permit Special Hazards
Chemist Certification Chemist
Construction Demo Reno Construction
Cutting Burning Welding Construction
Electrostatic Spray Paint Special Hazards
Exhaust Hood for Certified Cleaners Special Hazards 
Fire Alarm Installations Fire Alarm and Sprinklers
Food Trucks Special Events
General Permit Construction, Special Event
Intent to Comply  Construction, Legal
Install or Modify Underground Storage Tank Special Hazard 
Laboratory Registration Laboratory Registration 
License Registration Special Occupancy
Maintain Underground Storage Tank Special Hazard
Open Burning and Cooking  Special Events
Place of Assembly Special Occupancy
Portable Generator Construction, Special Events
Quarterly Inspection  Special Occupancy 
Self Service Fuel Special Hazards
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Inspection Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Inspections
Special Effect/Fireworks Special Events
Special Effects  Special Events
Sprinkler System Fire Alarm and Sprinkler
Stationary Portable Generator  Construction
Tank Removal Special Hazards
Tank Truck Special Hazards
Temporary Dumpster Construction
Temporary Fuel Storage Special Hazards
Temporary Heat Special Hazards 
Temporary Place of Assembly  Special Events
Tent with Assembly Special Events 
Transportation of Hazardous Materials  Special Hazards 
Use of Candles in Place of Assembly  Special Events 
Vent-less Fireplace Special Hazards 


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