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Financial Check-Up (FCU)

Get free, trained help building your credit and/or improving your credit score!

The Financial Check-Up (FCU) is a free, brief, one-on-one session that allows residents to review their credit report and score with a trained financial guide and learn how to improve their credit over time. The FCU was developed by the Boston Tax Help Coalition (BTHC) to maximize free tax preparation as an asset-building opportunity. Now, the FCU is available year-round and can be done online from the comfort of your home. Anyone 18 or older is eligible for a Financial Check-Up.

Free Tax Prep and FCU

Get your taxes done for free and a free Financial Check-Up in one appointment at the Central Library.

Schedule and appointment

Financial Check-Up Process

  1. Make an appointment.
  2. Meet with a financial guide who will ask permission to pull your credit report (what’s

    called a soft pull) and review it with you.
  3. The guide will review any debt listed on the credit report by type, such as revolving/credit card

    accounts, installment accounts, mortgages, closed with balances, public records, and collections.
  4. The guide will discuss financial services that might help you, such as no-fee bank accounts, savings

    bonds, or secured credit cards, and will create a simple one-year financial plan, including your credit

    report, which you can bring home to start building your credit.
  5. The guide will discuss other possible services, such as financial coaching, health, housing, legal or other

    community opportunities. You can also register to vote.
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