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Site Cleanliness

Site Cleanliness is required for all food, automotive establishment, and all business and residential owners who use bulk refuse containers.

The Site Cleanliness Ordinance regulates:

  • the overflow of all dumpsters
  • wind-blown litter, and
  • rodent activity that occurs as a result of poor trash practices.


Your applications for the license needs to include:

  • a completed Site Cleanliness Application and your payment
  • a site plan indicating the location of the dumpster and how close it is to neighboring properties or public way
  • the location of any required fencing or screening
  • a maintenance plan and schedule 
  • a solid waste proposal plan that includes a copy of the solid waste disposal contract
  • a rodent or pest control contract, and 
  • a license from Public Works (if the dumpster is on a public way. Learn how to get a street occupancy permit.

The license fee is $50. The fee must be made payable to Boston Inspectional Services, and must be renewed every year.  

Complete the Application


Failure to Comply

If you operate or maintain a bulk refuse container without a license, or fail to maintain a licensed dumpster or site based on the terms of your license, you will be found to be in violation of the ordinance.  

Non-Compliance Penalty

Violation of the Site Cleanliness Ordinance may result in fines of up to $1000 per day after the third offense.

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