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Fast Track Program

The Fast Track Program will speed up the approval of building permits for office renovations from four weeks to within seven days, provided all required documents are in order.   

“The Fast Track program is one way we’re working to streamline city processes and make it easier to do business in Boston,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “By creating expedited approvals for qualified projects, we hope to save time and expenses through a more predictable and friendly customer service experience with permitting.”

Fast Track Program

Streamlining city processes and making it easier to do business in Boston,

What is Fast Track Program?

The Fast Track Program will bring approvals within seven days and allow construction work to begin more

quickly.  This program is intended for commercial office space and cannot be used for residential or commercial retail space.

Who is eligible for the Fast Track Program?

To be eligible for the Fast Track Program, permit holders must ensure proposed work is incompliance with all applicable building regulations and standards, and do not require a zoning determination; a change of use, occupancy, or expansion of the existing use; or substantial alterations to the building structure.

Applicants must submit electronic plans and specifications, including, if relevant, layout of sprinkler heads and compliance with other fire prevention requirements (key plan, floor and exits from space.)

  1. Submit a letter from the building owner(s) or authorized agent indicating approval of the plans as submitted.
  2. A signed affidavit from the approved independent architect or engineer who is required to visit the work site periodically to ensure that construction is consistent with the permit as issued and all applicable laws and requirements.
  3. Attach a Flood Certificate (If below flood plain elevation) to the application
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