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Benefits Available to City Workers

From safeguarding your health and well-being to bolstering your financial security, the benefits we offer City employees are designed to help you thrive.

In our commitment to serving the people of Boston, we recognize the importance of cultivating a strong and thriving organization. We strive to support our workforce not just as employees but as integral members of their families, caregivers, community advocates, and civic leaders. To accomplish this, we provide our employees with a wide array of tools and resources that foster both their professional and personal development. Our goal is to make City government a place where everyone is empowered to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live, work, and play.


Health Benefits Office

1 City Hall Square, Room 807

Boston, MA 02201

Email: | Phone: 617-635-4570 | Fax: 617-635-3932

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Insurance Benefits


We offer three non-Medicare health insurance plans for City of Boston employees (excluding seasonal and emergency hires) who work at least 20 or more hours a week on a regular basis. 

If you are eligible, you may also cover family including children (until age 26), grandchildren (as defined under Massachusetts state law), disabled children over age 25, and a spouse or ex-spouse.

Health Insurance Application

For a more comprehensive review of the City of Boston's health benefits offerings for employees, read the new hire benefits guide.


As a retiree of the City of Boston, you are eligible to continue your health coverage. By law, all Medicare-eligible retirees, spouses, and dependents must apply for Medicare Parts A & B and switch to a Medicare plan to continue coverage. We offer six Medicare plans to supplement Medicare Parts A & B for our retirees. Visit the benefits available to retirees page for more information.


The program covers employees after they stop working with the City of Boston. You can keep your insurance for up to 18 months. You will have to pay your total monthly premium plus a 2 percent administrative fee. Read more information about COBRA.


You must enroll in basic life insurance if you wish to enroll in a City health insurance plan. The basic life insurance is a $5,000 group term policy. Some unions may be eligible to elect the $10,000 benefit. The cost for this benefit is shared 50/50 between the City and employee. If you enroll in basic life insurance and want additional coverage, you can also enroll in the optional life insurance policy for an amount up to your base salary (maximum amount is $74,000). The cost is based on the amount of coverage and your age, and is 100 percent employee paid.

Dental and Vision Benefits

Massachusetts Public Employee Fund

If you qualify, you’ll get an enrollment form after six months of working for the City. You'll have the choice between an indemnity plan or a network plan. You'll also be able to sign up for individual benefits or a family plan.

There’s an informational booklet about the Massachusetts Public Employee Fund. You can also find out which unions get coverage through the fund. For more information, visit the Massachusetts Public Employee Fund website, or contact them at:

NOT IN THE Public employee FUND?

Other workers at the City can get dental and vision insurance through their unions. There are several unions that offer this benefit, including:

Coverage through your healthcare plan

You could save money by getting your dental insurance through your healthcare provider. Make sure to go over your coverage summary to see what they have to offer.

Most healthcare plans will cover regular vision exams. Some plans offer discounts on eyeglasses and contact lenses at certain stores. Check with your health insurance carrier for details:

Work and Life Benefits

Those who work for the City are more than just employees. We are a community of neighbors serving the neighborhoods in which we all live, work, and play. Visit our culture page to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we grow at the City of Boston.

Employee ASsistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides a safe, supportive, and private environment for those seeking help with various personal or work-related challenges that may impact their well-being and job performance. 


We offer paid time off based on your position and years of service with the City, as well as generous holiday benefits and paid holidays available to all full-time employees.


Eligible City of Boston employees may be granted up to 12 weeks of compensated time off to care for and bond with a child added to their immediate family.

Fitness Reimbursement

Employees enrolled in our health plans may be reimbursed up to $150/year towards qualifying fitness activities, products, or services, including active mobility vehicles (bikes, cargo bikes, and scooters), equipment, and maintenance.

The City of Boston's MBTA Passport program covers 65% of your chosen monthly MBTA pass cost (up to $232), with the remainder deducted from your paycheck.

The City of Boston offers our employees free or discounted memberships for Bluebikes, Metro Boston's public bike share program.

Employee Development Scholarship 

The City partners with Boston University and Northeastern University in providing a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to qualifying City of Boston employees pursuing graduate degrees or certificates each year.

City Hall Childcare Program

Boston Centers for Youth & Families City Hall Childcare Program is a licensed and accredited childcare provider serving children aged 3 months to 7 years that have a legal parent/guardian who is a City of Boston employee.

EMployee WEllness Portal

Brought to you by the Public Employee Committee (PEC), the Boston Employee Wellness Portal is an online platform for City employees and their families that provides resources to inspire a culture of well-being.


As part of the 3 Steps Detect early cancer detection program, City employees and their families have access to a library of micro-courses that will teach you how to detect cancer early and get better overall healthcare.


City employees can create a free account on Burnalong, an online health, wellness, and fitness platform to help you stay motivated, and focus on your well-being.

Savings and investment benefits

Flexible spending accounts

Flex Spending lets you deduct pre­-tax money for out-of-pocket medical expenses, dependent care, and transportation. Annual Enrollment for Flex Spending occurs in November for the plan year beginning January 1. Participants will receive a Benny Card at the start of the new year to use for eligible expenses.

Retirement Planning

We offer three types of retirement planning programs:

City of Boston Credit Union

City workers are welcome to join the City of Boston Credit Union. The credit union offers competitive interest rates, club discounts, and other benefits to members. You can find additional information about the City of Boston Credit Union online at

Benefits billing

If you receive a benefits billing statement related to your City of Boston health or life insurance, you have two options to pay for the coverage: 

Make a check out to 'City of Boston':

1 City Hall Square

Attn: Health Benefits and Insurance

Room 807

Boston, MA 02201

Pay online
  • Visit our payment website. Please refer to your Benefits Billing Statement. Complete the requested information to submit your payment online.
  • Payments made by electronic check / ACH are not subject to a service charge. The online credit card service charge is 2.75 percent of the total payment ($1 minimum). 
  • Upon receipt of your payment, it will be processed and posted to your account within two to four business days.

NOTE: If you are receiving an active paycheck or pension, your deductions will not be affected.

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