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Sophia Dyer, MD, FACEP, FAEMS

Medical Director, Boston EMS

Dr. Sophia Dyer, MD has been with Boston EMS since 1999. She served as Assistant Medical Director and Associate Medical Director before being named the City’s first female Medical Director in March 2009. In this role, Dr. Dyer is charged with providing medical oversight. As Medical Director, she is also the supervising physician of Boston EMS’ Research, Training, and Quality Improvement (RTQI) team. Dr. Dyer is an active Emergency Medicine physician at Boston Medical Center with a specialty in toxicology and is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine. She serves as the Co-Medical Director for the Boston Marathon.

Dr. Dyer is a graduate of the Boston University School of Medicine, MD, the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, BS, and received a Certificate in Environmental Management from the Tufts University School of Engineering.

She has also been the recipient of many awards, including the EMS Physician of the Year Award, Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Service Council, 2003; the Frommer Award for Excellence in Emergency Medicine, Boston City Hospital, June 1997; and the Award for Excellence in Academic Emergency Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, May 1993. Additionally, Dr. Dyer has authored more than 30 medical publications, including the following listed below.


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