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City of Boston services may be impacted by a global technology service outage. We encourage residents to call ahead before attempting to access services at municipal buildings. We will provide additional updates as they become available.
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On-Street Accessible Parking Map

This map shows the locations of public On-Street Accessible Parking (OSAP) spaces in Boston’s major commercial areas and neighborhood main streets.

OSAP spaces (also called “handicapped” parking spaces) are designated by posted signs that say “HP/DV Parking.” Any vehicle with a valid disability placard or license plate from the Massachusetts RMV, or from any US State or Canada, can legally park in these spaces. As the needs on Boston’s streets change, OSAP spaces may be relocated to new locations which may not appear immediately on this map. Each OSAP space listed on the map contains the most recent date that specific parking space location was confirmed to be there. Additionally, OSAP spaces may not always be found in precisely the exact location as stated on the map, but should be close by.

This map is a work in progress. We will continue to update this map by adding OSAP spaces that are located near small businesses and community buildings in Boston’s neighborhoods, such as libraries and post offices. However, OSAP spaces that individual residents have applied for at their home addresses will not appear on this map.

If you find any errors, missing OSAP spaces in commercial areas, or know of an OSAP space in front of a community building that you would like us to add to the map, please email Our office phone line for voice calls is 617-635-3682. We also have a text number for folks with hearing, speech, or other disabilities that make voice calls difficult: 617-251-2718.

Map of On-Street Accessible Parking

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