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Bridge Programs

Get connected to programs that will help you hone your job skills.

Bridge to Digital Literacy

Bridge to Digital Literacy is a free, two-week class held 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. The class takes place virtually over Zoom. Students will be lent a laptop for the duration of the class if they need one.

Apply Now

To participate in Bridge to Digital Literacy, you should be willing to learn and use Zoom for class purposes.

Contact Sharon at 617-541-2612 or to apply to the Bridge to Digital Literacy program.

Students will develop skills in:
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Workspace
  • Social media
  • Online safety 
  • Typing and keyboard use
  • Email

Bridge to Hospitality

Bridge to Hospitality accepts new applicants four times a year and is based at the Center for Financial Empowerment. The program lasts four weeks and meets from 9-3 on weekdays.

Successful graduates go on to develop industry-specific skills with training partners NECAT, BEST Hospitality Training Center, Community Servings, Community Work Services, and other partners.

Apply Now

To participate in Bridge to Hospitality, you must be able to work and have basic English communication skills.

Contact Sharon at 617-541-2612 to apply to the Bridge to Hospitality program.

A group of members of the Bridge to Hospitality program

Skills Developed:
  • First aid
  • CPR
  • Food safety
  • Computer proficiency
  • Job readiness
  • Costumer service 
  • Conflict Resolution
Program Benefits
  • Financial Coaching (18 - 24 months)
  • Employment Coaching (18 - 24 months)
  • Credit building or repair (as needed)
  • Free tax preparation

Bridge to Green Jobs

Do you want to learn a new trade, have the opportunity to make $75,000+ in six months to a year, and open doors to new career pathways? You might be a great fit for a career in the clean energy industry as a Weatherization Technician. Weatherization (also known as insulation or air sealing) is all about making homes more comfortable and energy efficient. This means warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while cutting down on energy bills. This is an athletically demanding and skilled occupation with high-earning potential and career growth.

Please contact Silvana Bastante Muñoz at or 617-410-4341 for more information.

Participant Videos

Troy: Getting a Foot in the Door

Troy had been out of work for more than a decade when he came to Bridge to Hospitality. But the program quickly caught him up to speed on the workplace skills he’d need for the next step after graduation: a 16-week culinary training at NECAT.

“At Bridge, they really prepared us,” Young said. “Our class didn’t have to ask a lot of questions. We were already ahead of the game.”

During his NECAT internship at The Smoke Shop, a barbecue restaurant in Kendall Square, Young was able to show off his new skills. They hired him on the spot as a line cook and for the first time in a long time, Troy was making money, holding a steady job, and saving for the future.

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