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Flammable Storage and Garages Hearing

There will be an Inspectional Services hearing regarding flammable storage and garages on September 27 at 10 a.m.

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Discussion Topics

  1. Agenda

    55 Bartlett Station Dr                     

    17 vehicle parking garage 340 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

    Preservation of affordable housing

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    16 Taber St

    5 vehicle parking garage 100 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

    Klaus Kimel

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    201-241 Stuart Street

    aka 22-30 Park Plaza ANNUAL 89551- Reduce license

    201 Stuart Street (Owner) , LLC

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    13,440 gallons of gas in the tanks of 672 vehicles. 600 gallons of diesel. In one emergency generator located on the roof of the garage building and 1,000 gallons in one fuel oil storage tanks located on Level P 1 of the garage building. This will replace existing license.

    New Application

    80-84 Moore St

    8 vehicle parking garage and 160 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

    Trichilo Development LLC

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    40 Soldiers Field Place

    49 Vehicles parking garage – 34 spaces at grade 15 space below grade

    40 Soldiers LLC

    980 Gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles.

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    289 Walk Hill St

    85 vehicle parking garage 1,700 gallons of fuel in the tanks of vehicles

    Walk Hill Owner LLC                       

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    Committee Members

    • Brian Ronank, Inspectional Services Department
    • Captain Shawn Hardiman, Boston Fire Department
    • Ed Hesford, Boston Transportation
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