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Entertainment Violation Hearings

The Entertainment administrative hearings will take place on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at 2 p.m.

Zoom Meeting

  • Meeting ID: 827 0654 6935
  • Passcode: 223344
  • Call-in number: +1-646-876-9923

Discussion Topics

  1. Bespoke Hospitality, LLC d/b/a Cambria Hotel

    Located at: 6 W. Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

    Manager of Record: Brett Fodiman

    Offense/Incident Report: #040341 / #232044561

    Date of Incident: 6/6/2023 11:11 P.M.

    Police Report Written: 6/6/2023

    Alleged Incident: Entertainment taking place on rooftop consisting of TV and background music against entertainment license conditions and disc jockey on first floor without a license.

  2. Pena & Nova Corp. d/b/a Fort Hill Bar & Grill

    Located At: 2801 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02119

    Manager of Record: Norvia Pena

    Offense/Incident Report: #040346 / ##232045947

    Date of Incident: 6/11/2023 11:42 P.M.

    Police Report Written: 6/11/2023

    Alleged Incident: Disc jockey taking place. Not permitted on annual license.

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