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This month, we talk about self-care going into the new school year, as well as updating and sharing our list of community school resources for families.

As we approach the end of summer, kids, parents, and school staff alike are starting to prepare to return to classrooms.  Following three tumultuous years inside and outside of schools, there has been a noted increase in stress and exhaustion, and it can be hard following the rush of responsibilities to actively approach self-care during the break of the summer months. 

For educators, we wanted to share one of our
favorite articles on the subject, written last year by a former teacher for PBS. It covers many of the essentials of self-care, including tips on how to mindfully rest and recharge from the framework of burnout following a tough school year.   There are many more interesting articles on education and self-care in the PBS Teachers Lounge blog series to explore as well.  For all parents, we recommend exploring the self care summer toolkit as a potential starting place to explore mindful self-care for yourselves and your family.   Summer can be enjoyable but also stressful with the kids at home, and it is always good to stop and take stock of how you are feeling and what you can do for yourself as well. 

As well as self-care, there are ongoing challenges families face in meeting their needs for essential supplies. We wanted to take the time to highlight different resources for families this month.  Check out these great links including school supplies, group support, and more.   

Please feel free to reach out to us at the Employee Assistance Program with any other resources you feel would be good for this list, or if you have any questions. Have a good month, see you in the fall!

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