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May is Mental Health Month

This month, we celebrate mental health month by sharing important and valuable community based and national resources.

Last month, we encouraged anyone reading to stop and take stock of their physical and mental well-being.   Now we are asking you to self-examine again today, as you read this.  Are you noticing regular tension in your chest? Are you having difficulty focusing on important tasks at work or at home day to day? Are you struggling with sleep or eating?  Do you find your thoughts are pessimistic, or that you are regularly feeling bad about yourself?  If you feel your mental health is suffering, or if you are supporting a loved one who is undergoing a mental health struggle, we encourage you to build knowledge and a support network to help address your concerns, as well as shore up and reinforce your strengths.  

Listed below is a list of educational resources and support networks to explore:

If you are looking for long term therapy, you can work either through your insurance provider’s list, or use the following online resources to search for a therapist in your area.

As always, employees, their families  and retirees, may always reach out to the EAP for free confidential counseling and long term mental health referrals.  We also encourage you to browse our resource list.  From all of us, have a good month.

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