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March is Women’s History Month

This Month, we celebrate the history of women in the United States with community events, resources and more.

Women’s History Month first formed out of a weeklong, and then month-long national effort to highlight the often overlooked contributions of women to US History, and in recent years, women of color have fought to platform for more shared space within said narrative. Today, the monthlong observance is an opportunity for us at the EAP to highlight not only educational links and events celebrating this ongoing narrative.  Below you will find health and mental health resources serving women’s needs, a particularly important consideration as we approach the surge in depression that often occurs during the change from winter to spring.    Check out the list below: 

Local city events and education:
  • The Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement, through the office of Equity and Inclusion, offers this home page with links to resources, seminars and more.
  • The Boston Public Library shares their yearly staff curated reading list here, with books about the history of women’s rights, feminism, and modern day social and cultural issues.  Be sure to also check out their list of free art workshops this month!
  • The Boston Museum of Science celebrates women in STEM fields this month, including a dedicated weekend with free movie admission.
  • This Page on highlights local area paid and free tours and events celebrating women’s history month, as well as women owned restaurants and businesses.
Medical and mental health care:
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital OBGYN offers this helpful page detailing the value of preventative care, as well as a recommended checklist of health screening services to consider for women of all ages planning their health care.
  • NAMI Massachusetts offers this resource page of women’s support groups for mental health and substance use recovery, also including more reading recommendations.
  • The MGH Center for Women’s Health, a psychiatry and mental health resource center for women’s issues, offers an extensive resource list for mental health services and education around conditions such as postpartum depression.  Linked here is a list of suicide prevention resources, which can be relevant for many affected by seasonal affective disorder during the upcoming seasonal change.
  • The US Department of  Health and Human Services has a dedicated page devoted to education on women’s mental health, on topics ranging from general health and well being to the effects of stress and trauma on health, pregnancy, and more.   
More Boston Area Women’s Health Resources:

As always, feel free to reach out to us at the EAP to share feedback and any further resources you would like highlighted. Have a safe and healthy march!

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