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Happy Birthday Malcolm X

The Council adopted a resolution recognizing Malcolm X’s birthday, May 19th, as a Boston municipal holiday and honoring Malcolm X’s legacy by establishing and including Malcolm X in Boston's Black Heritage trail.

According to the resolution offered by Councilor Fernandes Anderson, “Many other cities have recognized Malcolm X’s birthday as a holiday, incorporating his unprecedented accomplishments within their educational curricula.”

Recognizing Malcolm X’s birthday in the City of Boston would give the city the opportunity to commemorate his legacy and contributions, and preserve our history, culture and identity, as well as bring together thousands of community leaders, artists, and vendors to gather in the celebration of unity.

The resolution not only calls for the recognition of Malcolm X’s birthday, but to also designate and develop a site on Malcolm X Boulevard to commission the creation of a Malcolm X Statue, as well as enhance existing plaques, renovate and register Malcolm X - Ella Little Collins House (72 Dale Street, Roxbury) in Boston's Black Heritage Trail.

In a tweet wishing Malcolm X “happy birthday,” Councilor Fernandes Anderson tweeted, “Today, we celebrate his life, his legacy, and the impact he had on our city and our country. Let us honor his memory and work towards a more just and equitable society. Boston, let's come together and celebrate Malcolm X Day today!”

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