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Council Supports Boston Firefighters

Boston Firefighters devote a tremendous amount of time and effort preparing for promotional examinations, which are essential in providing life-saving services to the residents of Boston, and affording Boston Firefighters the ability to advance their careers.

The Massachusetts Civil Service Human Resources Division is now looking to remove Boston specific content from promotional exams. In a resolution offered by Councilor Flynn and co-sponsored by Councilors Fernandes Anderson and Louijeune, the City of Boston is unique in its infrastructure, and the Boston Fire Department is thus unique in its operations, so it is important to maintain the well-established practice of written promotional examinations that include Boston-specific content.

The resolution states that, “the format changes made to the exams are designed to address concerns raised by a legal challenge regarding racially-disparate treatment. Including Boston-specific content does not impede efforts to promote fairness and equity in the promotion process, but rather supports and furthers those efforts.”

The Council strongly supports Boston Firefighters, and urges the Massachusetts Civil Service Human Resources Division to address and remedy the concerns raised by Boston Firefighters Local 718 in a professional and good-faith manner.

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