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Boston's Urban Tree Data Now Available Through Analyze Boston

The Parks and Recreation Department and Urban Forestry Division have announced a new milestone in ongoing efforts to enhance public access to urban tree data.

Building upon the completion of the street tree inventory in 2021 and the ongoing efforts to inventory trees in parks, both datasets (street and park trees) are now accessible and downloadable through Analyze Boston, the City of Boston’s Open Data Hub. The inventories will continue to be available in an interactive format via an external link to the tree inventory software from the City's Urban Forest page. This integration into Analyze Boston consolidates valuable urban forestry information alongside other city datasets for research or analytic purposes. 

Tree Data on Analyze Boston

The street tree and public tree inventories provide essential details and offer critical information on the species, size, location and even ecological benefits of trees, aiding in urban forestry planning and management. Updated daily, the inventory reflects the ongoing work of Urban Forestry Division staff, who plant, prune, and remove trees citywide as part of a comprehensive tree care plan, offering a real-time snapshot of the urban forest's composition.

This initiative aligns with Urban Forest Plan (UFP) recommendations advocating for enhanced public access to inventory data and the systematic collection of information on park trees. Improved public access to inventory data not only fosters transparency but also encourages community involvement in the preservation and maintenance of our urban tree canopy, promoting the health and vitality of our city's green spaces.


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