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Boston Tax Help Coalition: Volunteer Spotlight

Tax enthusiast Zak Kincaid joined the Boston Tax Help Coalition (BTHC) two years ago. “I am not a tax professional. All of my training I got through the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax program).” While Zak trained online this year with BTHC to become Advanced certified, in his first year he trained in person for the Basic certification. 

Zak Kincaid

“It felt like really meaningful work, where I got to learn at the same time. This (volunteer opportunity) seemed like I would not only get hands-on training but help people very quickly and connect with the community.”

Zak volunteered at the Urban Edge tax site and by his own personal estimate prepared 26 tax returns for members of our community. When not volunteering, he is a patent attorney who hails from Texas, enjoys sailing and exploring the Boston Harbor, and also volunteering as an organizer for a non-partisan voter registration group.

Zak credits the friendships he has made as a BTHC volunteer as one of the best reasons for starting or continuing to volunteer. Working with like-minded individuals who also want to give their time, not only inspires Zak to come back season after season and break his current record of returns prepared.

Because of this passion, his friends and family took notice and gifted him an IRS-branded t-shirt. Every time he wears it, people stop him and have so many questions. He laughs and says the first question is always, “Are you going to audit me?” But Zak says by the end of the conversation they leave with information about a program they may want to use.

We look forward to seeing Zak break those records, retain those friendships, and sport that swag that invites others to ask all the questions! 

For more information about the Boston Tax Help Coalition, visit

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