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Boston Human Rights Commission statement on George Floyd

Read the statement from the Human Rights Commission below.

The Boston Human Rights Commission is encouraged and relieved by the convictions of police officer Derek Chauvin for the brutal killing of George Floyd. Article 5 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment. Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Mr. Floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, killing him. Contrary to his oath and training, Chauvin showed profound disregard for human life and basic humanity. In this country, the unrelenting killing of unarmed Black people by police represents one of the intractable challenges we face. We hope that Mr. George Floyd's tragic death and Derek Chauvin’s conviction serves as a turning point. We saw the long standing “blue wall” fall and police come forward to testify against those who violated the very basic of “protect and serve.”

In Boston, the Human Rights Commission serves as overseer for citizens to ensure the important recommendations the Boston Police Reform Task Force made last year, are implemented. From now on, justice, transparency and accountability should take precedence over fear, secrecy and unequal treatment. We are encouraged by acting Mayor Kim Janey's appointment of Attorney Stephanie Everett to serve as the Executive Director of the Office of Police Accountability & Transparency (OPAT). The Human Rights Commission looks forward to working with the Mayor, OPAT, and the Boston Police Department to reform the structural racism in our systems and ensure that justice, transparency and accountability prevail.

— Boston Human Rights Commission

  • Evandro C. Carvalho, Executive Director
  • Margaret McKenna, Chair
  • Reyes Coll-Tellechea, Commissioner
  • Ben Goldberger, Commissioner
  • Leslie Harris, Commissioner
  • Leonard Lee, Commissioner
  • Robert MacEachern, Commissioner
  • Anne Rousseau, Commissioner
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