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BCYF Nazzaro seniors welcome spring

BCYF Nazzaro seniors took part in a fun spring-time art project – silk flower teacups.

When a BCYF center closes for renovations, the staff move to other centers temporarily.  When BCYF Vine Street was closed for renovations, Program Manager Louise Sowers moved to BCYF Nazzaro. While at BCYF Nazzaro, Louise spent time working with the Senior Program, including working on many art projects.  The BCYF Nazzaro seniors were sad to see her go – but this is BCYF – so Louise promised them she’d be back to visit.

Image for bcyf nazzaro seniors at work

In April, Louise headed back to BCYF Nazzaro with a fun spring-time art project – silk flower teacups. The BCYF Nazzaro seniors shared with us how much they appreciate her and all the kindness she has shown them. We would also like to thank Louise for all her great work at both BCYF Nazzaro and BCYF Vine Street.

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