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#55 Bus Day

This week, the Council declared June 26, 2024 as “#55 Bus Day” in the City of Boston.

The 55 Bus Coalition – a grassroots community advocacy effort led by the Fenway Community Development Corporation, the District 8 Council Office, elected state representative offices, and dedicated residents – represents Fenway residents, commuters, students, and elders who rely on MBTA #55 bus service for various needs, without which access to essential services and connection to the wider City is cut off for some residents.

Since the #55 bus route cuts made in 2021, the 55 Bus Coalition has worked with residents and city and state representatives to restore limited service, elicit feedback from stakeholders, and promote a long-term vision for an enhanced route that continues to serve the needs of Fenway residents.

The 55 Bus Coalition’s efforts include:

1) Preserving connections to ADA-compliant stations

2) Preserving access for older adults

3) Expanding the operating schedule to include commuting hours

4) Preserving the unique route coverage of the 55 including Boylston Street and connections to Downtown Boston

The 55 Bus Coalition successfully advocated for reinstatement of the #55 bus service following its temporary suspension, restoration of full-day service 6AM-7PM seven days a week via the Bus Network Redesign (BNRD) Process, and addition of a neighborhood-specific destination display on the #55 bus.

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