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Mayor's Youth Summit

The Office of Youth Engagement and Advancement (OYEA) is excited to announce the relaunch of the Mayor's Youth Summit!

This event will provide a space for young people to network, connect to resources, engage in interactive activities, hear from special guest speakers, and end with a celebration of Boston's youth.


The Mayor’s Youth Summit is a celebration of Boston’s youth that aims to engage and inspire the City's young people in a fun and interactive way. 

The Mayor's Youth Summit was first held in 1994 under the Menino administration, and was held annually for 10 years. The 2024 Mayor's Youth Summit will mark the 20th anniversary since it was last held and 30 years since its inception. We're hoping to bring this event back with new energy reflecting the values and interests of Boston's youth. 

The 2024 Mayor's Youth Summit will act as a celebratory culmination of momentum built over the week. We'll establish a welcoming environment where Boston's youth can engage directly with City staff, providers, and each other. By doing so, we aim to showcase the various opportunities offered by the city, and our partners, to encourage more significant social investment. We also hope to promote early education and foster enthusiasm for leadership and civic engagement among younger generations.

Recap: 2024 Mayor's Youth Summit
Credit: Youth Engagement and Advancement

Mayor's Youth Week

In collaboration with the Mayor's Youth Summit, the City of Boston is launching a new initiative, Mayor's Youth Week! In partnership with community organizations and city agencies, the Office of Youth Engagement and Advancement (OYEA) is working to host 20+ free events for teens across the City of Boston throughout the week of February vacation. The goal is to activate safe spaces for young leaders to connect and have fun during this academic break. These events range from open mic sessions, music showcases, workshops, career fairs, sports fairs, and so much more! Scroll down to view the full schedule of events and register.

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