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How to become a Greenovate Boston Leader

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Find out what it takes to become a leader in our climate awareness outreach program.


Learn about the program and sign up for updates

The Greenovate Boston Leaders program is an outreach program. We aim to increase awareness and understanding of the climate impacts Boston is facing. Leaders encourage climate action within their communities to support what the City is doing to address climate change.

Trained leaders are now hosting events and presentations throughout the City. Interested in learning more about the program? Check out the Greenovate Boston Leader website


RSVP for and attend a training

Here are our upcoming training dates and times:

  • More Leaders events to come soon!

Finalize your event logistics

After you attend a training — and before you submit your event confirmation form — you need to put together the:

  • description and location
  • date and time, and
  • expected number of people who will attend.

You can also apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are available to support leaders in hosting their events. We'll add more details about these scholarships soon. 

After you get all of your information together, you need to submit your event confirmation form.


Host your event

Good luck! At your event, remember to take photos and post on social media #GreenovateBOS.


Give feedback

After your event, you have to submit your feedback form. You’ll need to include:

  • scanned feedback forms from participants
  • your email list sign up sheet from the event, and
  • photos from the event.

The feedback forms help us better understand and address specific concerns of neighborhoods and communities. They are very important to the program and its effectiveness. Please be sure to submit these forms following your presentations. 

Remember to stay engaged!

Your involvement doesn’t end when your event ends. We also want you to:

  • come to the next leaders gathering
  • post and stay informed on our Facebook page
  • become a mentor to a new leader
  • update us on how you are continuing to engage with your community, and
  • keep spreading the message. 
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