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Bus Priority

We are installing bus lanes on the busiest corridors. We want bus riders to have a more reliable, comfortable, and connected service.

Dedicated bus infrastructure improves service, speed, and reliability for riders. With bus-only lanes, buses are separated from general purpose traffic. They take priority at busy intersections and run more consistently. This allows more people to depend on bus service. Bus lanes also make roadways safer for all modes of transportation by reducing crashes and slowing vehicle speeds. The bus can more easily pull to the curb to serve passengers, which is vital to riders with mobility challenges.

Boston's Bus Priority Network

View a map of the Transit Team's active projects across Boston:


Bus Stops

The City is working to improve the experience of waiting for and boarding MBTA buses. The Boston Transportation Department is working on many initiatives to improve the rider experience at bus stops, including:

  • Making bus stops more accessible for those with physical disabilities. We do this by constructing new ramps and curb bump-outs, allowing passengers to walk or roll directly to the bus door.
  • Ensuring that there are quality bus shelters with benches at each stop along high frequency routes.
  • Adding real-time bus schedule information panels to stops along high-frequency routes. This gives riders an easy understanding of when the next bus will arrive.
  • Developing policies and improving signage and striping. We want to make sure stops are clear at all times for the bus to pull directly to the curb.
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