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Bowdoin / Geneva Transportation Action Plan

We are working with the Bowdoin / Geneva community to develop design solutions to address pedestrian safety, traffic safety, and speeding on local streets.

The Action Plan is being developed in partnership with City agencies including:

  • the Boston Public Works Department
  • the Commission for Persons with Disabilities
  • the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services
  • the Boston Planning and Development Agency, and
  • the Boston Water and Sewer Commission.

We are engaging with neighborhood residents and the community. Stakeholders include Bowdoin / Geneva Main Streets, the Bowdoin Street Health Center, and the Greater Bowdoin / Geneva Neighborhood Association.

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Speed Humps

We have completed final design for our BGTAP Phase 2 Speed Hump program and have begun mobilizing for construction! Weather permitting work should begin in early December with installation of the asphalt humps and accompanying pavement markings and signage. The effort is being done concurrently with the City's Safety Surge program which is also implementing speed humps at targeted locations across the City. Residents on streets with speed hump installation should expect notification by mail and have parking restrictions posted in advance of activity.

Next Phase Improvements in 2024

Building off the momentum of our Phase 1 Action Plan Report and Phase 2 Speed Hump Program we will continue to advance design and construction at targeted locations within the Bowdoin-Geneva study area with raised profiles, curb extensions, and other engineered safety features. Of particular importance and priority are the Mother's Rest/Tonawanda intersections and the Up Academy/Marshall Community locations at Westville and Dakota Streets. More to come as we advance design at these prioritized locations.

Speed Hump Location Map

Phase 2 Speed Humps

Streets shown in blue highlight are designated for speed hump installation.

Action Plan Study Area

Study area is bounded by:

  • Columbia Road to the west
  • Washington Street to the south
  • Dakota Street to the east, and
  • Quincy Street to the north.

It includes the main corridors of Bowdoin Street and Geneva Avenue.

Potential Treatments

We are considering a multitude of design options including clear corners, curb extensions, raised crossings, and speed humps. To learn more about the full array of options check out our street safety toolkit.

Potential Treatments

Public Engagement

Public Engagement
Contact: Transportation

Public outreach and community engagement are significant parts of the Bowdoin/Geneva Transportation Action Plan. Throughout each phase of this project, community input will help to identify neighborhood priorities and inform solutions.

Public Outreach information

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
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