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Get Your Business Certified

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Learn more about how to apply for certification with the City's Supplier Diversity Program.


Before you apply online, choose your certification

Our mission is to create equal opportunities for businesses of all kinds in Boston. After your business is certified with our office, we’ll include you in any outreach efforts we make for City projects. We can also connect you to resources offered inside and outside of the City.

Your first step is to determine what certification you qualify for. We have more information about each certification, and if you qualify. Find out if you qualify.


Make sure you have proof that your business is registered

To get certified, your business must be legally registered as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship, partnership, or non-profit organization. Proof of your business' registration might include articles of incorporation (corporation), certificate of organization (LLC), or a business certificate, which can be obtained through the Boston City Clerk's Office if your business is located in Boston. They created a guide to walk you through how to get a business certificate:

How to get a business certificate


Get your info together

Each certification requires that you submit different information. You will also need to provide certain documents depending on the type of business you own. Find out what documents you need.


Complete the online application

Once you've gathered all the relevant information and documents, you can begin your online application. Unless you have one already, you will need to create an account in order to begin filling in the application. This allows you to easily save and return to your application while it's in progress. 


Please note:

We also suggest that become a vendor with the City of Boston by creating an account on the Supplier Portal. Your vendor account will allow you to see and bid on City contracts.

Keep in mind

You can search our database to find certified diverse and small businesses in Boston. We also have a list of all open bid projects in the City of Boston. You can get a paid mail subscription, or see a list of current bids online.

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