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Resources for funding

We put together a list of resources below for nonprofits and other groups.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 617-635-3817 or

More resources

More resources
Annual budget size Median largest award
Under $100,000 $5,000
$100,000 - $999,000 $25,000
$1 million - $9,999,999 $100,000
$10 million - $24,999,999 $150,000
$25 million and over $426,000
Funding sources Median largest award
Private foundation grants $30,000
Community foundation grants $25,000
Corporate grants $20,000
Federal government grants $250,000
State government grants $109,625
Local government grants $50,000
Other grants sources $20,000
Mission focus Median largest award
Animal related $10,000
Arts, culture, and humanities $25,000
Community improvement $69,339
Education $50,000
Educational institutions $175,000
Environment $65,000
Food, agriculture, and nutrition $45,000
Healthcare $50,500
Housing and shelter $65,000
Human services $50,000
Public benefit $25,000
Youth development $45,000
Other $50,000
Storytelling for Nonprofits

Learn how to build a great story and use powerful visuals and emotion to motivate your audience to donate.

KIND Foundation

Every month, the KIND Foundation picks individuals and groups working to make the world a little kinder with $10,000. Vote for the causes you find most inspiring, or submit your own idea today!

Awesome Foundation

Have a crazy, brilliant idea that needs funding? The Awesome Foundation awards $1,000 grants every month.

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