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Workers Compensation process for City of Boston employees

You should report work-related injuries as soon as possible, preferably the same day you were injured.

You should file a report within 24 hours of the injury, or the same day the City staff become aware of your injury. By letting us know about your injury right away, we’ll be able to quickly investigate the case and give you your benefits.

The Workers Compensation Service will make a decision on your case within 14 days of receiving your report. Before we can provide you benefits, we’ll also need to see your medical records. If you report a case late, your benefits might be delayed.

Have questions? Contact:

Workers Compensation
Boston City Hall, Room 613
Boston, MA 02201

Employees returning to work

Getting back to work

If you’re ready to return to work after receiving benefits, you need to get medical clearance from your doctor. The Workers Compensation Office must be notified if an employee returns to work while receiving benefits. If you haven’t been told you’ll received benefits, you should notify our office when you return to work. This will help speed up the decision on your benefits.

Are you able to return to work, but limited because of your injury? The City of Boston does offer transitional, modified work for employees. Your case manager or your department will tell you if you’re eligible for modified work. This modified work setup shouldn’t last more than three months.

Case managers

We make sure eligible employees receive quality and timely medical services and benefits. We want you to return to the job as soon as you can. Your case manager will stay in contact with your throughout the process. You need to stay in touch with them and provide any necessary medical documents.

If you need more information, or have questions, contact your case manager. We assign case managers based on an employee’s last name.

Preferred medical providers

Currently, the City of Boston does not have a preferred provider. Please choose your own provider.

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