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Heat Emergency in Boston
Mayor Wu declared a heat emergency in the City through Thursday, June 20.
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Salary information for City of Boston jobs

If you have specific salary questions about a job, please contact the department.

Salary Plan


BM2 Middle Managers - BXM BPDA Transfers
BNU BPDA Transfers - Non-Union
BPC Boston Police Cadets
C Boston Public Library - Clerical
CC Boston Center for Youth & Families - SEIU L888
CCM BCYF SEIU L888 Custodians
CRM BPD Forensics SEIU
CRM2 BPD Forensics EXM
CWS Cafeteria Workers - Substitutes
D Boston Public Library - Development Office Asst
ED Elderly Department SEIU Local 888
EI Electrical Inspectors
FDA Fire Alarm
GRI Graphic Communication Intl. - Local 600M
JBC1 Junior Building Custodian - SEIU
LA Boston Public Library - Clerical
LA1 Boston Public Library
LAH Boston Public Library - Part Time
LHA Boston Public Library - Half Time
M Boston Public Library - Mechanical Services
MM1 Middle Managers - SENA
MM2 Middle Managers - EXM
MM4 Middle Managers - SENA
MM5 Boston Center for Youth & Families - SENA
MN Middle Managers - NDEA SENA
MO Mayor's Office - Managers
MPO Municipal Superior Officers
MP1 Superior Municipal Police
MP2 Municipal Police Officers
N NDEA Clerical SEIU L888
NP Property Mgt Code Enforc SEIU L888
NP1 Property Mgt Code Enforc SEIU L888
NPP Boston Newspaper Printing Pressman's Union
NU NDEA Non-Union
NYT New York Typographical Union
P Boston Public Library - Professional Staff
PM Managers Library
PM1 Managers Library
PR1 Boston Park Rangers
RA City Clericals - AFSCME
RA1 AFSCME - 40 hours
RH Housing Inspectors
RH1 Housing Inspectors
RL City Clerical SEIU L888
RL1 SEUI Local 888 - 40 hours
SBC1 Sr. Building Custodian - SEIU
SCA  School Building Custodians
SD School Storekeepers
SF Steam Firemen and Oilers
SLM School Lunchroom Monitors
SM1 School Management
SPA School Plant Administrators
SPE Planning and Eng - SEIU L888
SPH Principals/Headmasters
STS Boston Police Department - School Traffic Supv
TGU Boston Typographical Union - Local 13
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