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Weights and measures regulations

Learn the weights and measures rules for products at farmers markets.


You must have scales inspected and sealed before you use them to sell products. You also need to have a current inspection from your home location. We accept current inspections from other cities and towns.

Your scales must be “legal for trade” and fit for the product you're weighing. Please position your scales so customers can clearly see the product weight. The scale must read zero when there's nothing on it.

Product Rules

Sell fruits and vegetables by standard weight — 16 ounces equals 1 pound — or by a standard container or count. The container must fit the product if you're selling items by container or count.

Sell meat, fish, and poultry by weight. Label prepackaged products with net weight. Have a scale in case a customer asks you to weigh a product with a random weight.

Pricing RULES

Any product for sale needs an easy to read price tag. Label randomly weighted prepackaged products with the net weight, price per pound, and total price.

  • Still have questions? Contact:
    Food Justice
  • Breaking the rules

    We will temporarily suspend you from selling products if you don't follow these rules and other state laws. We may also confiscate illegal devices, charge civil fines, or file criminal charges.

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