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Project Opportunity

Helping to create resources and opportunities for residents with CORIs.

Project Opportunity is an initiative that creates equitable opportunities for Boston residents with CORIs. The program:

  • Connects residents with free legal consultation for sealing or expunging records
  • Has panel discussions to address challenges and solutions for residents with CORIs
  •  Connects residents with employment and training resources
  • Connects residents with key resources for well-being
  • Trains City departments to meet the needs of residents with CORIs

Sealing and expunging

Project Opportunity will cover the cost for Lawyers Clearinghouse to access your CORI. Their lawyers will continue to provide full representation if your record can be sealed or expunged. They will handle all necessary hearings, petitions, or other paperwork for your case. 

If your record can't be sealed or expunged yet, they can still provide helpful information about when you may be eligible. You can return for another free appointment at that time.

How it Works
  • Fill out a short form to sign up, you will be contacted within 1 week to confirm your registration.
  • Lawyers Clearinghouse will call you to schedule your clinic date and get your consent to access a copy of your CORI. This may take some time depending on the waitlist. 
  • Meet with volunteer attorneys for 30-60 minutes over video conferencing or phone to discuss your eligibility for sealing/expungement.
  • If you are eligible, the attorneys will work with you on filing a petition to request sealing and/or expungement and discuss next steps. If you are not currently eligible, they will discuss your timeline for eligibility.
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