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Scott Finn

City Auditor

Scott Finn has extensive experience in accounting analysis and business operations, particularly in managing grants and compliance in municipal settings. He has held roles such as Assistant City Auditor and Grants and Compliance Manager, overseeing large budgets and ensuring adherence to federal, state, and private grant regulations. He is adept at financial reporting, auditing, and personnel management. Additionally, he’s supervised accounting and grants monitoring units and contributed to special projects. His background also includes roles in operations management and senior accounting in different organizational settings. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, along with relevant certifications.

Boston's Auditor serves as the City of Boston's comptroller, and is the primary contact and liaison between the City of Boston and the Boston Audit Committee and the City's external auditors. As City Auditor, Finn will work to ensure effective and efficient management of the City's operations; compliance with all relevant laws and regulations; and responsible and transparent financial practices. 

As an executive official of the Boston Retirement Board, Finn will hold fiduciary responsibility for the $5.5 billion dollar pension trust which serves approximately 34,000 members and beneficiaries. Finn will also serve as a trustee for The George Robert White Fund and the Brown Fund Trusts.


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