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Public art projects in Boston

We commission permanent and temporary public art projects in the City that engage communities and enrich the urban environment. We also support projects led by artists and community members.

Current projects

Adams Street Branch Library
This project will complement the construction of the new Adams Street Branch Library building.
'Afro-Latin Dance and Music' by Roberto Chao
We supported artist Roberto Chao with a grant to create a mural at Mozart Park in Jamaica Plain.
BCYF Vine Street Center Exterior Public Art
This project will complement the renovation of the Roxbury community center.
BCYF Vine Street Center Interior Public Art
The second of two projects to complement the renovation of BCYF Vine Street in Roxbury.
Book Mark'd
This community-initiated project will be located at the Mattapan Branch of the Boston Public Library.
Boston Arts Academy
Two new public art projects will complement the construction of the new Boston Arts Academy building in Fenway.
City Hall Plaza Graphics
We're commissioning an artist to create graphics for the exterior of Boston City Hall.
City Hall Plaza Short-term Artwork
We're commissioning an artist to create a short-term artwork for the exterior of Boston City Hall.
Cocoanut Grove Memorial
This is a community-initiated project honoring the survivors and victims of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire of 1942.
Copley Square Park
We're commissioning artists to create poetry, light projections, ground plane interventions, and a small sculpture series that honor community solidarity, empathy, and acknowledgment of loss.
Dewitt Playground
This project will complement a renovation of Dewitt Playground at Madison Park High School in Roxbury.
Engine 17 / Ladder 7 Fire Station
This project will complement the construction of the new Engine 17 / Ladder 7 fire station in Dorchester.
The Embrace
We're working with King Boston and the Boston Foundation to create a memorial honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King.
Engine 42 Roxbury Fire Station
The public artwork will complement the new fire station.
Hyde Square Public Art Project
The City of Boston commissioned artists Cristina Parreño Alonso and Amin Tadj to create a piece of public art at the intersection of Centre Street, Perkins Street, and Day Street in Hyde Square.
'The Joy of Growing' by Mattaya Fitts
We commissioned Mattaya Fitts to create an exterior mural at the Peabody/Englewood Apartments in Dorchester.
Justice Edward O. Gourdin Veterans Memorial Park
The goal of this project is to honor Justice Gourdin, Black veterans, and the Roxbury neighborhood.
The Legacy of Frederick Douglass
This is a community-initiated effort to install a monument to the great abolitionist and statesman Frederick Douglass in Roxbury.
Roxbury Branch Library: Project II
This is the second public art project inside the Roxbury Branch Library funded by the Percent for Art program.
Ruggles Corridor
This project will result in a series of accessible and unique artworks along the Ruggles Corridor in Roxbury.
'Souledad' by Victor 'Marka27' Quiñonez
We commissioned Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez to create a mural at Washington Manor in the South End.
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