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City Hall Galleries

The galleries at Boston City Hall promote and exhibit the work of Boston area artists.

You can find information about the galleries, as well as what's currently showing, on this page.

Current and upcoming exhibits

  • Location: The Mayor’s Office Gallery and Gallery Display Case, 5th Floor
  • Dates: April 22nd - May 31st, 2024

Artwork from "It’s a Sign" by Jeff Smith
Ecce Homo, 2024

Art should cause you to consider something new or to rethink what you thought you believed. If art causes you to question your assumptions, then perhaps you'll reconsider your other beliefs. A flexible mind is what stands between freedom of thought, and the tyranny of cocksureness.

When I started making sculpture, I used wood salvaged from dumpsters. The satisfaction of creating artwork from a medium that was bound for a landfill is without parallel. It's like alchemy, if alchemy worked. In the late 80s, when I started, salvaged wood was not a common art medium. Making art from reclaimed material is now an unremarkable detail, which is good for the planet, but bad for dumpster diving.

In this show are examples of wood and steel collage. I use the original paint and patina of found materials to create unified compositions. My newest series, Signs, explores one sub medium, the found broomstick, to rehabilitate one familiar shape, the warning sign. The diamond shaped warning sign was intended to be used sparingly for maximum impact. Its overuse has depleted its ability to warn as it fades into the white noise of the American roadside. I am taking this once powerful shape, and reclaiming it for art. This shape is now fully domesticated and can be enjoyed at your leisure. 

To learn more about Jeff Smith's work, go to

To contact Jeff Smith, email

  • Location: Emerging Gallery, 8th Floor
  • Dates: April 22nd - May 31st, 2024

Art from "Earthly Visions of Color and Joy" by Maria Termini

Welcome to this exhibit of the uplifting art of Maria Termini which includes serigraphs, collages and acrylics. Her new work includes creation art inspired by ancient rock art and also painted music inspired by her experience of diverse musical forms. Maria Termini is an artist, musician, and author. Adventure, beauty, rich images, music, and a search for justice are the threads woven into the rich tapestry that is her life. She creates joyful artworks in silkscreen (serigraphy), watercolor, collage, colored pencil, weaving and acrylic and oil paint. Maria Termini has an MFA from Catholic University. She has taught at the Art Institute of Boston, The Cambridge Center, Museo Tanga Tanga in Bolivia, and other schools. She has worked with Habitat for Humanity in Nicaragua and was in the Peace Corps in Bolivia. 

Please visit to learn more. Maria Termini can be contacted at:

  • Location: Scollay Square Gallery, 3rd Floor
  • Dates: April 22 - May 31, 2024

Opening reception on April 26th from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Celebrating CEF flier

The Art and Business Council of Greater Boston is thrilled to commemorate a significant milestone – the 10th Anniversary of the Creative Entrepreneur Fellowship (CEF). This exhibition is a showcase of the artist fellows and narrative of the impact of the CEF fellowship on nurturing the professional growth of local artists. It presents an array of works from artists who have excelled in their respective fields and achieved recognition through prestigious awards, residencies, and grants. As such, the exhibition serves as a testament to the vibrant creative spirit that thrives within the Boston community. 

For more information, please visit our website:

  • Location: The Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery, 2nd Floor
  • Dates: April 22nd - May 31st, 2024

A student at the School of Fashion Design, Boston, in a work room tracing a pattern


The School of Fashion Design is celebrating 90 years of excellence in fashion education in Boston and the Back Bay.

On display viewers will see garments and fashion sketches designed and created by school of fashion design students. Also on display is a photo retrospective on the occasion of The School of Fashion Design 90th anniversary. We look forward to you celebrating with us!

Please visit to learn more about The School of Fashion Design and you can contact with any questions regarding the exhibit or about SFDB. 

  • Location: 3rd Floor Mezzanine, Boston City Hall
  • Dates: Ongoing

We Belong is a light-based public art installation with the intent to promote ideas of belonging and inclusion among communities in Boston. In LED neon, the work forms the text “We Belong – here – together – guided by the same stars” in a circular format, with a constellation that maps and connects Boston’s neighborhoods.

With the support of a City of Boston Transformative Public Art grant, the installation will travel to multiple Boston neighborhoods in 2022-2023, beginning with the East Boston Social Centers from July-September 2022. Local residents are invited to participate in the project by sharing what the concept of “belonging” means to them.

We Belong by Yu-Wen Wu

Yu-Wen Wu is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Boston. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Wu’s subjectivity as an immigrant is central to her artwork. Arriving in the United States at an early age, her experiences have shaped her work in areas of migration—examining issues of displacement, arrival, assimilation, and the shape of identity in a new country. Passionate about data, mapping, and its storytelling, Wu’s work lies at the crossroads of art, science, politics, and social issues. Her wide range of projects include large-scale drawings, sculpture, site- specific video installations, community-engaged practices, and public art. Wu has been awarded numerous grants, exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work is included in several private and public collections.

The Mayor's Poetry Program is an annual program in which Boston residents are invited to submit poems to be displayed throughout City Hall and in an online gallery for one year. The theme for 2024, selected by Poet Laureate Porsha Olayiwola, was "Resistance".

Read the 2024 Poems

Poem Locations

All poems are displayed next to the elevators on the south side of Boston City Hall, except two noted below, which are located at the north side elevators.

First floor
  • Sam K Yoon, "Soup"
  • Danielle Fontaine, "Praise"
Second Floor
  • Katya Zinn, "Dog in a Graveyard"

  • Frances Sharples, "Fingerpainting" (North Elevator)
  • Quintin Collins, "Remember, God Called Job Down To Answer For His Crimes"
Third Floor
  • Sarah Nnenna Loveth, "Imperialism" (North Elevator)
  • Anna-Celestrya Carr, "Dyslexics Of The World"
  • Ming Li Wu, "Parajito"
Fifth Floor
  • Zoe Gadegbeku, "Living Rhyme"
Sixth Floor
  • Petra Dankova, "Little Girl In Hub Resistance"
  • Mariona Lloreta, "Arabesque"
Seventh Floor
  • Ida Rahimi, "The Only Way Out Is The Way Through"
  • Cheryl Clark Vermeulen, "Goths At A Cemetery"
Eighth Floor
  • Ali Tervo, "Stretch Marks"
  • Myles Taylor, "I Put My Makeup On In The Car"

Gallery locations

Mayor's Art Gallery

The Mayor's Gallery exhibits work by Boston area artists who have received recognition for their artwork through grants, awards and other types of public display.

Directions: It's located on the 5th floor of City Hall. From City Hall Plaza or Congress St. entrances, take South Elevators to the 5th floor, follow signs to Mayor's Office: signage marks the gallery entrance. If you are planning to attend an opening you must enter from Congress Street.

Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery

Directions: Located on the 2nd floor near the South Elevators. From City Hall Plaza or Congress St. entrances, take South Elevators to the 2nd floor.

Scollay Square Gallery

The Scollay Square Gallery showcases the many arts organizations and artists community groups that support local artists throughout the City.

Directions: It's located on the 3rd floor/main lobby of City Hall. When entering from Congress St, take elevators to 3rd floor, proceed through lobby, passing the information desk on your right. The gallery is ahead of you. When entering from City Hall Plaza, proceed through lobby, passing the information desk on your right. The gallery is ahead of you. Signage marks the gallery entrance. If you are planning to attend an opening you must enter from Congress Street.

The Emerging Gallery

This is the newest of City Hall's galleries. It showcases Boston's up and coming artists.

Directions: It is located on the 8th floor of City Hall. When entering from Congress Street or Cambridge Street, take the elevators to the 8th floor. The gallery is in the hallway to the left of Room 801, which is perpendicular to the elevators. 

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