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John J. McColgan

City Archivist

John J. McColgan, Ph.D, has been City Archivist since 1995. The City Clerk's Archives Division, staffed with professionally trained archivists, has built the archives and records management program into ​a formidable asset serving City government and the public.​ With minimal resources, the City Archives provides expert curation for the City’s historical records. Its records management services afford departments opportunity to comply with retention requirements, save space (virtual and physical), avoid legal risks, minimize costs, and help preserve the City’s historic documentary legacy.

The City Archives' superior client service, online catalog, external collaborations, and intensive utilization of social media, has gained for Boston a reputation for professional, effective care of its historical official records. Its records management services offer departments effective strategy for managing records retention, thereby improving operational performance and promoting openness and accountability.

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