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Project Name

Waldren Road Open Space

Project Parcels


City of Boston - DND
Project Images


Fernandes Anderson
Property Size
4,095 sq/ft


To Be Decided

Project Goals

Community members have expressed support for preserving the park as a passive use space, adding trees, additional seating, a shade structure, and improving the landscaping with more flowers.


Spring 2023

Community Feedback

We’re meeting with community members to gather feedback on plans for the site.

May 01 2023
MOH has heard interest from community members in preserving this parcel as open space for public use. MOH welcomes your feedback!
Theresa Strachila | Project Manager
May 02 2023
Last night, GrowBoston staff presented about the Grassroots Open Space Development Program at the Egleston Square Neighborhood Association meeting. This was a preliminary meeting to share about the program and mention two proposed upcoming projects, including the Waldren Road Open Space. Slides are attached below.
Theresa Strachila | Project Manager
May 23 2023
On Monday, May 22nd, MOH staff presented about the Grassroots Open Space Development Program at the Wardman, Walnut/Wash. Walker Park Community Working Group's virtual meeting. Attendees expressed support for preserving and improving the park on Waldren Road. A larger community meeting will be scheduled for the end of June.
Theresa Strachila | Project Manager
Jun 28 2023
Please join us for a virtual community meeting on Thursday, July 7th at 6:30pm to share your thoughts about the preservation of this park space!
Theresa Strachila | Project Manager
Jul 06 2023
Waldren Road Park Community Meeting

A small group of community members joined the meeting to hear about the proposed preservation of the Waldren Road Park. Attendees support maintaining the parcel as a passive use open space. Attendees also voiced support for adding trees and flowers to the parcel to improve the landscaping. There was also support for adding a shade structure and making improvements to the available seating options.

Jul 13 2023
Waldren Road Site Tour

On site on July 13th, community members expressed interest in improvements to the landscaping and keeping much of the park flat open for informal youth play on site. There was also concern about the s afety of the numerous short metal posts located around the site.

Winter 2023

Developer Selection

We’ll release a Request for Proposals and select a developer for this site.

Dec 18, 2023

Request for Proposals (RFP) Opened for Bidding

Jan 03 2024
MOH recently released an RFP for the preservation of this parcel as community open space. To download the RFP, please visit .
Theresa Strachila | Project Manager
Spring 2024

City Planning

We're working with the developer on the final design, budget, and financing.

Under Construction

Predicted Date: To Be Determined

Project Complete

Predicted Date: To Be Determined
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