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Zoning Advisory Board Of Appeal Hearing

The subcommittee meeting is holding a virtual hearing on Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 5 p.m.

Please be advised of the following appeals to be heard on December 8, 2022, beginning at 5 p.m. and related announcements. All matters listed on this December 8, 2022, subcommittee hearing agenda have been noticed in accordance with the enabling act.

Please be advised of the following participation instructions: The December 8, 2022, subcommittee hearing will be held virtually via video teleconference and telephone via the zoom webinar event platform.

Interested persons can participate in the hearing REMOTELY by going to our online meeting. You may also participate by phone by calling into the Zoom Webinar at 312-626-6799 and entering the Webinar ID: 977 9540 4707 followed by # when prompted.

If you wish to offer testimony on an appeal but cannot appear in-person or virtually, please sign up online to leave a comment. Please select the appeal on which you would like to offer comment, and then you may indicate your support or opposition and leave more detailed commentary.

If you wish to offer testimony on an appeal, please log in to the hearing no later than 4 p.m. to ensure your connection is properly functioning.

For individuals who need translation assistance, please notify the Board at least 48 HOURS in advance either by signing up online, calling 617-635-4775, or emailing

The ZBA Ambassador will be available within the Zoom Webinar Event from 4 - 5 p.m. to answer questions about ZBA procedures and offer instructions on how to participate in the hearing via Zoom. Questions and/or concerns can also be emailed to the ZBA Ambassador at

If you wish to offer comment within the meeting platform, please use the “Raise Hand” function that should appear on the bottom of your screen, if connected by computer or device, or dial *9, if connected by phone. On a computer or device, you will receive a request to unmute yourself from the event host. You must select yes before you can speak. On a phone, you will hear a prompt that the event host is asking you to unmute yourself. You must press *6 to unmute yourself before you can speak. Commenters will be asked to state their name, address and comment. Comments will be limited as time requires.

Interested persons who are unable to participate in the hearing remotely may make an appointment to offer testimony. Please notify the Board at least 48 HOURS in advance either by calling 617-635-4775 or emailing for accommodations to be made.

Members of the community are strongly encouraged to help facilitate the hearing process by emailing letters in support of or opposition to an appeal to in lieu of offering testimony. Written comments be submitted to the board at least 48 hours prior to the hearing to ensure their entry into the record. When doing so, please include in the subject line the BOA number, the address of the proposed project, and the date of the hearing.

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. HEARINGS: 5:00 P.M

    Case: BOA-1310627 Address: 26 Sullivan Street Ward: 2 Applicant: Eric Zachrison Article(s): Article 62, Section 8 Side Yard Insufficient, Article 62, Section 25, Roof Structure Restrictions Purpose: Replace existing roof deck, new stair to have access hatch.

    Case: BOA- 1347692 Address: 435 Bunker Hill Street Ward: 2 Applicant: Joshua Eldridge Article(s): Article 62, Section 25 Roof Structure Restrictions - Proposing headhouse. Purpose: Amendment to ALT1262598 includes proposal for headhouse as well as 1 change in window location on ground floor.

    Case: BOA- 1367350 Address: 78 Washington Street Ward: 2 Applicant: Bria & Charolette Hamill Article(s): Art. 62 Sec. 62 8 Rear Yard Insufficient - Min. required: 20' Proposed: 0.7' Article 62, Section 8 Side Yard Insufficient - Min. required: 2.5' Proposed: 0.2' Purpose: Demolish, re build and expand the existing attached garage to fit a family sized electric vehicle and add a roof deck on top of the one story garage. Also, add a new wall at rear property line with access gate.

    Case: BOA- 1385031 Address: 101-109 State Street Ward: 3 Applicant: Moon Love Café LLC Article(s):Art. 06 Sec. 04 Other Protectional Conditions - To remove Proviso #1: "Take out use granted to this petitioner only.." Purpose: Remove proviso from previous owner. I will continue to have take out so I wish to have the proviso granted to the new owner.

    Case: BOA- 1347341 Address: 23 Chestnut Street Ward: 5 Applicant: Timothy Burke Article(s):Article 13, Section 1 Floor Area Ratio Excessive Purpose: Construct a dormer on the rear of the house for a new bedroom.

    Case: BOA- 1323055 Address: 887 Dorchester Avenue Ward: 7 Applicant: Nghiem Hoang Article(s): Art.65 Sec.08 Conditional Beauty shop: Eyelash/ make up studio Purpose: Replacement of storefront windows and door. change from commercial garage to eyelash make up studio. The front store will be a replacement of the existing car garage at the front. Replacements: Door Entry and 4 Picture Windows. Job Will be completed and cleaned up.

    Case: BOA- 1330550 Address: 37 Jenkins Street Ward: 7 Applicant: Fatomeh Carroll Article(s): Article 13, Section 1 Bldg Height Excessive Art. 13 Sec. 13 1 Floor Area Ratio Excessive Article 13, Section 1 Rear Yard Insufficient Purpose: Change use from a single family to a two family. Proposed additions and renovate.

    Case: BOA- 1390449 Address: 7 Zamora Court Ward: 10 Applicant: Gerald Autler & Laura Rosenfield Article(s): Art. 10 Sec. 01 Limitation of parking areas Art. 55 Sec. 09 # of allowed habitable stories exceeded Art. 55 Sec. 09 Excessive f.a.r. Art. 55 Sec. 09 Insufficient side yard setback Art. 55 Sec. 65-41 Off-Street parking insufficient - Design/tandem Purpose: Build additional living space in attic to expand existing upper unit. Includes new code compliant staircase, additional bathroom, two bedrooms, and study. Additional dwelling unit to be added in basement/garage on a separate permit application *Scope of work modified 6.8.22 No change of occupancy (Int/ext work only).

    Case: BOA-1344282 Address: 65 mount Hope Street Ward: 18 Applicant: Rosa Design and Construction LLC Article(s): Article 67, Section 9 Rear Yard Insufficient Article 67, Section 9 Front Yard Insufficient Purpose: Extension of living space per plans. 

    Case: BOA-1383742 Address: 28 Taunton Avenue Ward: 18 Applicant: Wlahimir WS Builders Corp Article(s): Article 69, Section 9 Rear Yard Insufficient Article 69, Section 9 Side Yard Insufficient - Side yard set back on Left side of the building Article 69, Section 9 Floor Area Ratio Excessive Article 69, Section 9 Lot Area Insufficient - 1F 6000: Existing lot has 3600SF Purpose: Extend the house in the back, siding.

    Case: BOA- 1394506 Address: 20 Hazelmere Road Ward: 20 Applicant: Heriberto Torres Article(s): Art. 67 Sec. 09 Side Yard Insufficient Article 67, Section 9 Rear Yard Insufficient Purpose: To do an addition to make way for a new kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom and a sun room. Attached plans by Polly Waldorf, for permit on 8/24/2021.

  2. RE-DISCUSSION: 5:00 P.M

    Case: BOA- 1265152 Address: 10 Carson Street Ward: 13 Applicant: Ka Hei Eammi Lam Article(s):Article 65, Section 41 Off-Street Parking & Loading Req Article 65, Section 9 Front Yard Insufficient Article 65, Section 9 Side Yard Insufficient Purpose: paver stone driveway, which can park 2 cars. The paved driveway in front of the house can let the outside car move easier if the inside car needs to come out. This paved driveway is Not for parking purposes

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