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Boston Public Schools remote meeting

The Boston Public Schools will be holding a remote meeting on May 4 at 5 p.m.

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Discussion Topics

  1. Agenda

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Last year, the Nathan Hale School community and the City of Boston lost a champion of public education, George Cox.    As interim principal of the Hale Elementary School, I propose that we name the Nathan Hale library the George Cox Memorial Library.   Over the course of this school year, I have worked with the retired principal, Romaine Mills-Teque to develop this proposal, including discussing this with staff, parents, and the School Site Council.   Our next step in this naming process is to schedule and conduct a public hearing.

    • Introduction, overview of the process to name the library
    • Rational to name the library, “George Cox Memorial Library”
    • Comments/ questions about naming
    • Vote on the name suggestion
    • Update of the library renovation project

    A notice of this hearing on naming the library at the Hale Elementary School will also be submitted to the local newspaper, distributed to staff, and sent home to all parents.  The purpose of the hearing is to offer those who submitted suggestions an opportunity to provide a rationale for their request and to respond to questions. The hearing also provides the principal and school site council with an opportunity to hear comments from the school community and other affected parties. Additional suggestions may be submitted at the time of the hearing. We will vote on the name suggestion at the hearing.