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City Council Celebrates EMS Week

Boston's municipal Emergency Medical Services (EMS), is one of three public safety agencies who respond to 9-1-1 calls in the City of Boston.

Their department cares for patients with clinical proficiency, professionalism and compassion and is a recognized leader in emergency medical service and the largest municipal EMS in New England.

Boston EMS provides Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance units throughout the neighborhoods in the City of Boston. In the month of April alone, they responded to a total of 10,678 clinical incidents and 13,381 BLS & ALS responses.

Members of Boston EMS were on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic and answered the call for over 126,000 clinical incidents, 160,577 total BLS and ALS responses and 79,210 transports in 2021, serving residents across every neighborhood of the City.

This year’s National EMS Week theme is “Rising to the Challenge.” The Council adopted a resolution, honoring the contributions of the Boston Emergency Medical Services department and recognized May 15, 2022, through May 21, 2022, as Boston Emergency Medical Services Week in the City of Boston.

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