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Work on Boston buildings

As more buildings are decarbonized, more people will be needed with the skills to do that work.

Building retrofits are a source of well-paid careers. Whether you’re just starting to become interested in the field or own your own business and are looking for projects, there are many resources to help you out. On this page, you can find out more about:

  • the types of jobs available
  • short- and long-term training programs for them
  • where to find job opportunities, and
  • how to bid on City and state building projects.
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The Retrofit Resource Hub is managed by Boston's Environment Department.

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Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

A high school with academic and technical education programs, including a construction trades cluster

O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science

High school with a comprehensive STEM curriculum, including an engineering pathway

Boston Green Academy

High school that prepares students to lead in sustainability, including an environmental science and technology career pathway

SuccessLink Youth and Young Adult Jobs

Employing youth for jobs, including in STEM and environmental jobs, at:

  • nonprofits
  • community-based organizations, and
  • City agencies.
YouthBuild Boston

Construction and design training for underserved youth

Building Pathways Boston

Apprenticeship preparedness training in the construction industry for low-income area residents, particularly in underserved communities

Operation Exit

Training in the building trades for youth returning from incarceration

North Bennet Street School

Full-time and adult education classes, including a carpentry program

Roxbury Community College

Degree and certification programs, including in engineering and smart building technologies

Bunker Hill Community College

Degree and certification programs, including engineering and energy and sustainability management

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Home of the Maritime Center for Responsible Energy offers programs in:

  • offshore wind and renewable energy
  • facilities engineering, and
  • energy systems engineering
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Degree and certificate programs, including:

  • engineering
  • electrical
  • HVAC, and
  • construction supervision
Wentworth Institute of Technology

Degree and certificate programs, including:

  • engineering
  • construction management, and
  • facility management
Northeastern University

Degree and certification programs, including:

  • architecture
  • engineering
  • energy systems
  • construction management, and
  • renewable energy
MassBay Community College

Degree and certificate programs, including:

  • engineering
  • manufacturing, and
  • design
Massasoit Community College

Degree and certificate programs, including:

  • architectural technology
  • engineering, and
  • HVAC
Emerald Cities Contractor Academy

Training and support to expand their businesses for:

  • people of color
  • women, and
  • disadvantaged contractors
Building Operator Certification

Training and certification program for building engineers and maintenance personnel

Mass Save Trainings and Opportunities

Trainings for contractors that do work in the Mass Save energy efficiency programs

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